L-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen with L-shaped kitchen design is the solution to maximizing kitchen space. This kitchen design can transform your odd angle kitchen into beautiful kitchen and effective with easy way to do a cooking activity. L-shaped kitchen design can be used in large kitchens and small kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen design in the corner of the room with coated countertops and cabinets.

L shaped kitchen can be used for small to large-size kitchen but this design is recommended for small to medium sized kitchens. That’s because L-kitchen can save space, it takes only one wall only to design the L-kitchen. Usually L-kitchen display cabinets and various of other cooking equipment such as stoves, mixers, microcave, etc. L-kitchen can be combined with the kitchen island are very useful for preparation of cooking and additional storage. L-kitchen design is very effective when using the method of open counter space with a pass-through to the dining room or living room that will serve to make the room look more spacious. Design L-shaped kitchen is a design that is very interesting and unique. L-shaped kitchen design also makes it easy for homeowners to clean.

One thing that is important in a kitchen is about the “work triangle” and by using the L-shaped kitchen design then you can maintain the work triangle, especially for those who are very fond of cooking. Work triangle refers to the distance in the kitchen making efficient relationship between key elements of the kitchen which is stove, refrigerator and sink. Each kitchen has always maintained the 3 main keys by various versions. If you want your kitchen meremodel using style L-shaped kitchen with a unique design, it may be advisable to keep making efforts to maintain the “work triangle”.

The distinctive feature of the L-shaped kitchen design is to use one or two adjacent walls in the design. Some L-shaped kitchen use both to maximize their walls, the cabinet will be placed at the top and at the bottom. But there is also using only one wall and open countertop in the L-kitchen especially for those who have a small room. Weaknesses in the design of L-kitchen one wall is that you will sacrifice the extra storage space located at the upper cabinet. But instead you will benefit obtain more space to create a flow between the rooms in the house.

Usually for the external facing wall of an L-shaped kitchen design. It is intended to simplify the cooking features and ease in cleaning, especially the sink. It also makes efficient design as the plumbing to accessibility in access and easy to clean when attached to the external wall facing. In addition you can also use other styles such as reconfigured the plumbing, so that sinks can be part of a kitchen island in a L-kitchen.

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