Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas

Kitchen countertop is a great addition to your kitchen design that will add beauty and artistic value. Natural touch which is given in kitchen countertop will protect your kitchen counters from various wear and tear incurred in cook and prep. So that the material to make kitchen countertop material must be properly addressed to protect from a variety of things that can damage the kitchen.

Maintain and protect kitchen countertop from all things is a good idea so that the kitchen can survive long enough. Hygiene in this case is also very important. Be sure to clean kitchen countertop every day so that you feel comfortable while cooking. Soft towel is a good material for cleaning kitchen countertop.

The choice of material is a matter that must be considered when will create a kitchen countertop. Very funny if we are wrong determine the material from countertop that will lead to your comfort. Granite so far is main material of choice in making countertops. Various color options are also offered in this material such as black, white, green, and beiges. Granite is available in two finishes, a poolish finish result and darknees appeareance of the stone.

1.  Contrasting Color Kitchen Countertops

Clear and bright colors are an option for the people who love bold color. Some examples of the color corresponding to the countertop is yellow, orange, green, red. The options are to use these colors for the counter and as countertopnya use neutral colors like black and white but it also depends on the kitchen. If you want more out of contrasting color countertop try to select a color that pops or stands out from the cabinetry.

2.  Pattern Kitchen Countertops

Lively design with a unique accent that you can apply on your kitchen countertops. Contemporary style in the kitchen would be ideal if adding a pattern on your kitchen countertop. In addition to the artistic color, the kitchen also seem to be more crowded.

3.  Thick Slab Kitchen Countertops

The latest trend from kitchen countertops in the beginning of 2016 is the effect of a thick slab table. On normal size countertops are usually thicker than 2 inches. On this design you can add thickness to 5 inches. This is only going to look magnificent and elegant as long as you can adjust the height from your kitchen counter and cabinet.

4.  Metal Kitchen Countertops

Modern style can be seen from the design metal kitchen countertops. Stainless steel is the best choice in terms of metal. The resulting design from stailess steel material is classic but still elegant. Counter, select the white color to further highlight modern effect on your countertops.

5.  Zinc Kitchen Countertops

Zinc Countertop kitchen is an option for those of you who want your countertop has a rich develops. Materials from zinc is a very appropriate choice. Zinc also has over-react to oil. The reaction may be rare from other materials.

6.  Wrapped Kitchen Countertops

A stylish countertops by wrapping material by using a top of table and side cabinets. So it seemed a case wrapped up a wall. The design is very eye-catching  if you brave play colors here. The white color will create elegant color. While bold colors like red and yellow gives them a cheerful effect. It would be great if you use contrasting colors on cabinets and countertops. The design will be more obvious if you apply a contrasting color.

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