Dining Room Color Design Ideas

Color is one of the elements that can affect the human psyche and mood. The blue color gives a calming effect, yellow color induce a feeling cheerful and optimistic, green colors bring a refreshing impression. Therefore choosing of color in the dining room should be carefully and thoroughly so it will not make you a bad mood. Do not make a mistake when you choose what color would you use it.

Many vintage dining room has bright color. White, Soft Brown, light grey is the color that is often used. If your dining room using this style, vintage dining room. Try to combine bright colors and dark color. Paint the walls of your dining room with white or light brown combine with dark brown color on the chairs and tables. You can also add a little pattern on the chair. For the cuteness, add white cover on the chair.

If you prefer a lighter color try to combine bright yellow color with white and black. Use yellow color for your walls, black chairs and white for the table. This Three Color combination gives cheerful feeling, ideal if you have a kid. Add decoration with a dark color on your walls is a good idea. Bright colors on the walls will make the decoration look good and more obvious because it has contrasting colors.

As an alternative coloring, use the color red. This is quite unique because it is the anti maintream color. Few people are using this color because they think this color too “crowded”. But I think it’s not bad idea to use red as the dominant color in your dining room. Red symbolizes passion and this is great for your mood. We can get the mood during we eating, it’s a wonderful thing, is’nt it?. Combine your red color with a bright color such as white color. You can give white linen on the dining table. Dining chairs can use the color brown and white color as ornamen or pattern. Give the accessories around the dining room with a white color in order to look more lively.

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