Country Kitchen Design Ideas in The Last Year

Country kitchen design is an option for people who like the warm, comfortable, and cozy. Who are the people who do not like to spend time to relax while eating a meal in the kitchen charming and warm where guests will feel welcome and want to spend plenty of time. Surely you want to explore a range of options for country kitchen design.

Country kitchen design dominant with wood-based material. Rustic and Clasisc style is very pronounced in this kitchen. Country kitchen style focus on natural materials, so do not be surprised if the wood is the best material. All furniture such as chairs tables, cabinets often made of carved wood. You can find artisans who hand-make their wares or you can buy it at a vintage shop. Materials commonly used are of cherry, maple, oak, and pine. but according to our advice, Pine is the best option for the country kitchen.  Wood is needed in this country must be made of the best quality and the pine is one of them. the material that makes durable and provide an artistic engraving is the reason we recommend Pine became the basic ingredient in any materials in this country kitchen.

A combine of Shaker and farmhouse traditions, Complete your kitchen with a farmhouse sink and furniture-style cabinetry. You can try to make the cabinet from glass materal, wall of glass front cabinets and two big windows over the sink its make look very beautiful. With this style the sunlight could streaming into this country kitchen easily.

Country kitchen design also has another characteristic that the room is bright and open. You can choose a plain white color for fans of neutrals. The color brown and yellow is also the right choice because these colors look warm. You can also add blue, green, or red accents in the kitchen to make it more personality.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen has a rustic style perfectly suited to the style country kitchen. Addition island and extra storage is the right choice. Moreover the room is definitely country-based frequently visited, therefore design as open shelving design style is very suitable. Featuring a variety of tools such as plates, bowls, cups or various recipe books will add artistic value to the country kitchen.

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