Artistic DIY Kitchen Art Decorating Ideas

Kitchen with some ornamen make the kitchen more artistic and beuatiful. In this point we were thinking about redecorating our kitchen which means it’s the perfect time for some DIY art for kitchen. There are many different ways to make artistic art for you kitchen and dining room.

Placement of accessories and ornaments in the kitchen should match the color of the kitchen, the size of the kitchen, and the number of equipment in the kitchen. For small kitchen, put many decoration maybe was bad idea, just put decoration as enough. This poster might look like a screen print, but it’s actually a cut paper design. A small painted or tiny artistic clock perhaps suitable with small kitchen. If you want painting with low budget just make a painting from letter. Cut out the letters, make a good quote or sentence and glue the to painting. In different way you can another technique, make a painting with magazine. Take a magazine pages and patterned paper underneath with paint to create something more colorful.

Bright color without looking garish was perfect or your kitchen espesially in contemporery kitchen. DIY art that related with food such as metal silverware silhouettes is one of good idea for your kitchen and also your dining room. Try something uniqe like painting glow in the dark. This is very amazing design and maybe one of artistic ideas. Make sure your color and material was suitable. Dont use same color, its make kithen not “live” and make it less from happiness.

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